Hiring Brittany to do freelance writing was one of the best professional decisions I made last year! She has the unique ability to write an authentic story while simultaneously balancing the business needs of the client. From the simplest task that just needs to “get done,” to a bigger, less structured request that requires more problem-solving creativity, I can trust that Brittany will bring her A-game.
— Heather Greaves, Marketing Manager | Lung Center
Brittany’s professionalism and thoughtfulness are unparalleled, so working with her is a smooth, enjoyable process. Her care and compassion for others always comes through, despite her focus on the work. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Brittany because she understands the important balance of respect for those around her and delivering high quality service.
— Aurora Sanchez, Culinary Program Specialist
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Working with Brittany is like having 10 extra hands... she does it all and she does it exceptionally well. Britt is efficiency and creativity and skill all rolled into one eager ball of energy!
— Cynthia Kreilick, Founder and President
Brittany has a unique ability to weave beautifully composed photos/video, resulting in truly unforgettable storytelling.
— Joshua McCollum, Development Services
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Brittany is a joy to work with– her attention to detail, flexibility, and client-centric attitude made it very easy for me. Before we dug into the project, she made sure she had a clear understanding of my vision so that she could execute. Brittany nailed it– the final video was beautiful and just what I needed!
— Crystal Pang, Director of Marketing & Community Relations
The pre-work Brittany completes on scripts and recommended talking points are critical for prep beforehand, as are the edits and finishing touches she adds to the content. Her encouraging and motivating words/suggestions during shooting took away any anxiety I had around filming. There will be lots of video shoots in our future together!
— Olivia Neely, Dietitian
She takes care of everything and to top it off, her communication is fantastic.
— Serena Scanzillo, Founder
Communication is Brittany’s superpower—her writing and photography greatly improved our web presence, and storytelling. Most importantly, her gracious energy and spirit, were not only a great asset to building relationships with youth in a community-facing program, but fueling to the team morale overall.
— Khyra Lammers, Culinary Literacy Outreach Specialist
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Brittany had awesome ideas and a great aesthetic eye. She was professional, but friendly. Whenever I had notes or questions she was very quick to respond and always had great insight. I have already recommended her services to several of my fellow business owners.
— Jennifer Low, Owner & Pastry Chef