"Hunger in America Still A Silent Crisis" | Sample Intro Script for Fresh Air with Terry Gross


"Hunger in America Still A Silent Crisis"

Fresh Air with Terry Gross

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From WHYY in Philadelphia, I’m Terry Gross with Fresh Air. Today: why millions of Americans don’t know where their next meal is coming from, and yet millions more don’t know the problem exists.

With 1 in 7 people in the country hungry, the faces of hunger are as varied as the cereal aisle at the grocery store. But lack of public awareness keeps the issue out of the spotlight, and often stigmatized. While the homeless commonly face both housing and hunger obstacles, many dealing with hunger are the “working poor,” individuals struggling to put a meal on the table despite having jobs.

McKyla: “You know, I never thought I would be in this predicament, somebody who’s educated, a teacher. But I am. The way the job market is and education right now, the salary is not that good, so I find myself in need a lot of times.” (:13)

We’ll talk with McKyla [mick­ale­uh] Smith, a teacher and mother working two part-­time daycare jobs and caring for her two-­year­-old son, Ryan. We’ll also hear from John Doe, a member of Drexel University’s Center for Hunger-­Free Communities.

John: “There's a social stigma around needing help with food. Many people don’t want to share with others that they are receiving food assistance. The lack of awareness around hunger in our community is astounding, and it’s got to change.” (:10)

Also, Jane Smith, a member of the Delaware Valley’s largest hunger relief organization, shares how she’ll shed light on food insecurity when all eyes are on the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this July. Coming up, on Fresh Air.