philabundance | client story

An emergency medical technician, a single mother to three boys, a caring co-worker, a kind friend — Theresa is many things to many people, but she says a “quitter” is not one of them.

Theresa had to separate from her husband after 27-years of marriage when he became addicted to drugs. Shortly thereafter, her mother passed away. She says her life seemed impossibly tough, but her kids inspired her to carry on.

“I’m a single mom now with no family besides my kids. I’m just one person. It’s hard sometimes,” says Theresa. “But I’m not a quitter – I set goals and get where I need to go.”

Theresa first attended Fresh For All in Paulsboro last year and she’s continued to return each week because her kids enjoy the fresh produce and the free food takes a tough decision – like paying for food or paying bills – off her plate.

“I was so worried about my kids. I’m trying hard not to change their lives even though everything has drastically changed.”

Theresa is hopeful once things settle down she and her youngest son, who still lives at home with her, will begin volunteering with Philabundance as a way to keep the circle of giving back going.

“Even though we’re going through something, I want my sons to know you still have to give back. You have to do something. It might not be giving money, but you can give others things… like your time.”